2 kg Porridge with Strawberries Emergency and Expedition Food
2 kg Porridge with Strawberries Emergency and Expedition Food
Adventure Nutrition

2 kg Porridge with Strawberries Emergency and Expedition Food

Porridge with Strawberries Expedition Food Bulk 2Kg

Our Pack N Go Porridge and Strawberries in a 2Kg tub, a freeze-dried lightweight and compact food option designed specifically for outdoor adventurers, hikers, campers, humanitarian aid, emergency services and mountaineers who need convenient and nutritious sustenance on the go. Freeze-drying is a process that removes moisture from the food while preserving its taste, texture, and nutritional value.
The tub has 16 x 125g portions, and as the 2Kg tubs are  from the Pack N Go range you have the largest range of recipes to choose from

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To prepare a 125g portion of Porridge and Strawberries you would usually follow these simple steps ( or any portion size you choose ) 
Place 125g portion into a bowl, container or empty pouch
Add a specified amount of hot water to 125g portion (water quantity will vary depending on the meal, its portion size,  and its different ingredients, see your recipe for more details).
Mix the contents to ensure all ingredients are submerged in water, and follow the instructions on each recipe for the water levels needed. cover or seal the meal to maintain temperature, 

Allow the meal to rehydrate for a certain period, usually around 8-10 minutes, depending on the meal, and the desired texture and portion size
Once rehydrated, carefully open the pouch, stir the contents, and it's ready to eat!

The resulting meal will have a similar taste and texture to a freshly prepared meal of the same recipe. The ingredients will regain their original consistency. Despite being lightweight and freeze-dried.

Freeze-dried expedition meals are popular in many situations due to their long shelf life, minimal preparation requirements, and the fact that they can be easily carried without adding excessive weight or bulk. They provide a convenient and nourishing option for individuals who need sustenance during activities in many challenging and remote locations


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