Endurance Fuel Orange
Endurance Fuel Orange
Adventure Nutrition

Endurance Fuel Orange

Extreme 4:1 Endurance Fuel, for Endurance Activities

 How to use 4:1 Endurance Fuel

  • BEFORE, For endurance take a half serving (25g )  15 to 30 minutes before starting your activity or excercise.
  • DURING: Drink 4:1 Endurance Fuiel at a rate of 500 to 750ml per hour *
  • AFTER: Drink 500ml in the first 30 minutes are excercise for a faster recovery.

* Particuarly useful in hot enviroments or when sweating more than usual 


Mix 50g of 4:1 Endurance Fuel with 500 to 750 ml of cold water ( depending on personal taste ) 


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4:1 Endurance Fuel is a natural, refreshing drink for Endurance and Recovery, it uses carbohydrates and proteins in a 4:1 ratio for quickr absorbsion.

The complex carbs are added for enduring energy with added electrolytes to replace minerals lost during excercise and protien to asist with muscle re[pair during prolonged excercise and recovery. 

Recipe & Ingredients


Carbohydrate Complex ( Maltodextrin, Fructose (2:1, Dextrose, Sucrose), Electrolyte Complex: (Sodium Chloride (0.3%), Dipotassium phosphate, Whey Protein isolate, Magnesium citrate), Whey Protein isolate (20%), Branch chain amino acids (leucine, Isoleucine Valine), Sweetner (Sucralose), Food acids (Malic Acid, Citric Acid), Activity Regulators (Sodium Citrate), Soya lechtin, Natural Flavour, Natural Colour (Tumeric)


Typical Values:per 100gper 50g
Energy kcal384.00192
Energy kJ1.000.5


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