Fire and Ice Ultra Food and Nutrition Pack MEATY 2024
Fire and Ice Ultra Food and Nutrition Pack MEATY 2024

Fire and Ice Ultra Food and Nutrition Pack MEATY 2024

Fire and Ice Ultra Food and Nutrition Lightweight Pack MEATY

Great for people taking part in events like the Fire and Ice ultra, Marathon des Sables and other similar multi day events

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FIRE + ICE      
MONDAY    Weight   
Qty Description Recipe or Flavour GrammesKcal 
1Extreme Breakfast Kcal Porridge & Strawberries 150800
24:1 Endurance FuelOrange + Banana100384
1Supreme Trail Mix Oats, Honeycomb & Chocolate60335
1Tropical Fruit Trail Mix  Papaya, Pineapple & Mango60209
1Extreme Main Meal Kcal Spaghetti Bolognese 150800
1Extreme Dessert Kcal Rice Pudding & Cinnamon 101500
1Extreme Breakfast Porridge & Sultanas150800
24:1 Endurance FuelFruit Blast + Lemon & Lime100192

1Supreme Trail MixOats, Honeycomb & Chocolate60172

1Tropical Fruit Trail Mix  Papaya, Pineapple & Mango60209

1Extreme Main Meal Chicken & Vegetable Pasta 150800

1Extreme Desert Apple & Custard 101500

1Extreme Breakfast Healthy Fruit Muesli 150800

24:1 Endurance FuelOrange + Banana100384

2Supreme Trail Mix Oats, Honeycomb & Chocolate60335


Tropical Fruit Mix


Papaya, Pineapple & Mango



1Long Life CakeCinnamon50175

1Ultra Fuel Liquid Food on the Go Vanilla 100450

1Extreme Main Meal Oriental Chicken & Rice 150800

1Extreme Desert Strawberries & Custard 101500

1Hot Chocolate Ultra Fuel Hot Chocolate 100450

1Extreme Breakfast Porridge & Strawberries 150800

24:1 Endurance Fuel Fruit Blast + Lemon & Lime 100192

1Supreme Trail MixOats, Honeycomb & Chocolate 60335

1Tropical Fruit Mix  Papaya, Pineapple & Mango60209

1Extreme Main Meal Moroccan Chicken Couscous 150800

1Extreme Desert Chocolate Chip Pudding 101500

1Extreme Breakfast Porridge & Maple Syrup 150800

24:1 Endurance Fuel  Orange & Banana100192

1Supreme Trail MixOats, Honeycomb & Chocolate60172

1Tropical Fruit Mix Papaya, Pineapple & Mango60250

1Extreme Main Meal Spaghetti Carbonara 150800

1Extreme Desert Apple & Custard  101500

1Extreme Breakfast Healthy Fruit Muesli 150800

14:1 Endurance FuelLemon & Lime 50192

1Supreme Trail MixOats, Honeycomb & Chocolate 60172

1Tropical fruit Mix Papaya, Pineapple & Mango60250

1Fire + Ice drinks Pack: Consisting of :    
 5 x hot Chocolate, 12 x Coffee, 6 x Tea    
 18 x Whitener, 18 x Sugar  275800




 When you start the Long stage you will be carrying approx 2.2kg of Food and nutrition  
 Extreme Adventure Food Breakfasts, Main Meals and Desserts   
 Highest Energy, Lowest weight and Smallest size available    
 4:1 Endurance drink in 4 flavours a combination of Carbs, electrolytes AND Protein   
 probably the highest Nutritional spec available    
 Ultra Fuel Liquid Food, 58g of Carbs, 20g of Protein, 33% of RDA of Vitamins and Minerals  
 The cold version takes 30 seconds to prepare, Hot version is a delicious Hot Chocolate drink  
 Takes 6 minutes for your body to start feeling the benefit, normal food and nutrition   
 takes around 26 minutes plus, slow-release energy    
 In Extreme circumstances we may swop some recipes or Flavours 


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