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Why Choose Freeze Dried Meals?

Opposed to frozen or dehydrated food, freeze dried food only removes the water content, leaving you with tasty food once you’ve added water back to it. Unlike other methods, freeze dried food retains it’s shape and tastes just as fresh when rehydrated. The freeze drying process removes around 98% of the water from the food, but not the great fresh taste or vitamins and nutrients.

The benefits of choosing these types of foods are

  1. They are much lighter to pack when you are traveling. Since they are such low weight and a smaller size, they are easy to toss into packs for hiking, camping etc.
  2. They have a long shelf life because the water content has been removed and the food then stored in airtight and moisture-proof packaging, they can be stored for months, and sometimes even years without spoiling.
  3. They can be stored virtually anywhere. As freeze dried meal packs only need to be stored at room temperature, you can store them virtually anywhere for a ready meal when you need it.
  4. They don’t just stop at main meals! At BeWell we offer a range of meaty and vegetarian main meals, along with breakfast options and even dessert. So you can have a three course meal throw in your pack or waiting for you at your cabin in the woods.