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Boil in the Bag VS Freeze Dried Food

Both boil in the bag and freeze dried foods have their places in your next adventure, and sometimes you may even want a combination of them both! Both have the benefits of having a long shelf life, no refrigeration needed and quick and easy to cook, but based on your needs you may want to choose one over the other. Boil in the bag meals are great for camping trips or treks where weight isn't as much of an issue, but you don't want to take a ton of ingredients or pots and pans for cooking. They are also great for short hikes where you can just toss a meal in your pack and enjoy it while you are outdoors. An added benefit of boil in the bag meals is that they can be eaten hot or cold, so they can be eaten on the spot wherever you are with no preparation. Alternatively you can cook them around a campfire and have minimal clean up leaving you to enjoy your trip. Freeze Dried Food is the best option when space and weight are at a premium. With it's low weight, compact size and high calories it's great for longer treks or camping trips, sailing, or even multi-day marathons such as Ultras where you have to carry your own packs. For these activities, sometimes carrying the bulky boil in the bag meals aren't an option and freeze dried meals make a great alternative as you just add water, let it soak, and you can enjoy your meal right out of the bag. Often times freeze dried options can give you more calories for those harder activities where you body needs to refuel properly. We carry freeze dried Extreme Adventure food that is available in 800 or 1000kcal for those with bigger appetites or needing a bit more to get them through their activities. sales@thebewellgroup.com.