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What Food to Pack for a Hiking Camping Trip

While it may be tempting to pack lots of fresh fruit and vegetables for a camping trip, the reality is these spoil quickly and can make a mess of your packs. Especially if you have to hike a long ways to get to your base camp. Try packing these non-perishables for longer treks.

Tinned Fruit - Fresh fruit doesn’t have a long life and can get squished in your pack. Add some tins of fruit to add to your breakfast or to even have as a dessert. 

Long life milk - There are many brands readily available now for long life milks, make sure you choose a resealable package so no leaks! 

Dry cereal - Cereal can be a great breakfast or even a snack while you’re out and about. Pair with long life milk.

Hot Drinks - Don’t forget your tea, coffee and hot chocolate! Decant into small containers and only take what you’ll need. 

Ready to eat bars - Granola bars, protein bars, cereal bars, all good to toss into your backpack for a day of hiking. See our range of biscuits and flapjacks here Flapjacks etc

Freeze Dried Meals - Enjoy a hot meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner without the mess of cleaning up pots and pans or carrying bulky equipment or ingredients. Simply add hot or cold water and eat straight out of the bag. Shop our range here Meals