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Ready to Eat Meals for Your Next Trip

Our Ready to Eat wet meals are not only delicious, but great to throw in your pack on your next adventure. Whether you are going camping, hiking, trekking, or longer extreme excursions, our food will keep you going. With a long shelf life and no refrigeration needed, you can stock up and always have some to hand. Meals can be eaten hot or cold, so no matter where you are you can have a great tasting meal. We have a great choice of breakfasts, mains (both vegetarian and meat options) and even desserts so you can get your whole day's meals with our convenient packs. We aim to give you the highest energy with the lowest weight possible, leaving you room to fit all your essentials in your pack without compromising on nutrition. We also have self-heating meals if you want a hot meal but don't want to pack a stove. Browse our selection of mre-wet-meals/self-heating-rte meals and stock up for your next trip. Sales at be-well