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Annapurna Base Camp Christmas 2015

Karma Sherpa enjoys some BeWell expedition foods Thai Chicken with rice meal at Annapurna Base Camp (also known as ABC). Karma is planning on taking someone to the top of Mount Everest in March which we hope to follow along on their journey. Did you know they have WiFi at Everest base camp, as well as 3G signal on most of the mountain?! If they make it to the top, this will be the 6th time Karma has been to the summit of Everest. Karma has a mixture of BeWell Expedition Food and Extreme Adventure Food to take with them from when they leave Everest Base Camp, to use at Camp 1 known as the Valley of Silence, Camp 2 has many names, but none official, Camp 3 is Lhotse wall and Camp 4, known as the death zone. Once you are here, no matter how much you rest, you are dying, the normal relationship between red and white blood cells is reversing, nothing can change that except to get lower on the mountain, but first you have to go to the top. You spend as little time as possible at camp 4 and above. You would depart Camp 4 around 11pm, and leave the Summit by 2pm the next day (at the latest), if you don't there is a massive chance you wont live to see the next day. The journey can be dangerous and extremely challenging, but worth it none the less! The BeWell Group