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5 hacks for camping with children

Camping with children can be both rewarding and a cause of stress, but if you want to share your love of the great outdoors it can really be worth it. With a bit of extra planning and preparation you can make sure everyone has a good time. Here are a few ideas to help you along.

Safety first! There are plenty of potential hazards when camping, even in campsites which are child friendly. You need to make your child aware of dangers such as fires, wildlife and wandering off into the woods/countryside alone. It can help to start a couple of weeks in advance of your trip, especially with younger children who may take a little more time to grasp the concepts. You could spend some time reading books about camping together and discussing the rules for your upcoming holiday.

Get your children involved As well as keeping them busy, it can be really rewarding to do a job together such as putting the tent up. Younger to middle age children could do something simple like passing you the pegs, or older children could help set up chairs or the sleeping area inside the tent. If you feels its suitable, you could ask them to help out with the cooking too. Camping food

Give them their own responsibilities Small responsibilities such as taking care of their own small backpack for water and snacks can help ensure everyone has enough to eat and drink and you have more space in your pack for other things.

First aid Make sure your first aid kit is stocked in case you’re in the middle of nowhere when an accident happens. Items like insect repellent, sunscreen and hand sanitiser might be useful depending on the area. A lovely holiday can be ruined by dozens of insect bites or a bad sunburn on the first day.

Teach them a skill A camping trip is a wonderful chance to bond. Try teaching your child a new skill. It could be something trip related such as map reading, using a compass or something creative like drawing which you can do together.