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The importance of emergency rations in winter weather

Photo by Rob Wingate on Unsplash

With the snowstorms that have been hitting the UK recently, being prepared for the worst has been at the forefront of people’s minds. Making sure you have enough food in your house to last you the cold snap is a great idea, it’s always good to be prepared. The same thing should apply to your car. If you have to go out in the bad weather on an urgent journey, or if the snow descends unexpectedly, you need to be prepared. Though people can survive for several days without food, water is an absolute essential. Make sure you are never without bottled water in your car, especially if bad weather is forecast. Even though people can survive without food, food is important for keeping your strength and your body temperature up. Even if you are only stuck for a few hours, a pack of emergency rations in the back of your car can make a huge difference between an uncomfortable, cold, hungry wait and a simple inconvenience with a full belly. Make sure you have other winter trip essentials in your car such as a warm blanket and a snow shovel. A full tank of petrol or diesel if you know bad weather is coming is always a smart idea. One man was recently stuck due to the snow in his car on the motorway for 16 hours, along with hundreds of others on the road. We have several kinds of emergency rations available that can easily be stored in your car for use in emergency situations. To us it seems worth keeping a few around in your car and those of your loved ones to give you some peace of mind in the wintry weather.  If you do get stuck, you’ll be glad you thought ahead!

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