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Enjoying Camping with Your Family

With Covid-19 and travel restrictions, everyone has had to get a little more creative with their holiday plans. Camping is a great family activity. Family holidays can be some of the strongest memories we have from our youth, so make your next camping trip go smoothly with these tips and ideas. Kids can easily become bored on a long journey to a campsite. Older children could enjoy an audio book or playing some car games together such as eye spy to help keep them entertained. A new toy can hold a little one’s attention if they have to be in the car for a while. Breaking up the journey with rest stops to stretch their legs can break up the monotony and help keep everyone happy.Rainy day options. If you’re camping you probably have lots of plans to be outdoors, but if the weather does turn bad, it’s useful to have a backup plan.

You could check out indoor things to do locally, and bring a few colouring books and games they can play with in the tent. It's also an idea to look for woodland walk that have lots of tree cover.Enjoying nature. Take advantage of your surroundings to enjoy the great outdoors. Nature walks can be exciting for kids, especially if you live in a city. To help keep their interest why not try a scavenger hunt, or a nature bingo card. You could even bring cheap or disposable cameras and see who can snap the best picture. Get a family shot and you’ll have a lovely souvenir of your trip. Try something new. There are some activities that you might have done as a child but would be a first for your children. Try singing campfire songs and toasting marshmallows together. Have you thought about trying one of our self-heating meals?  Kids will enjoy the novelty of a meal which gets ‘magically’ warm by itself, and if you come back tired after a long day of adventures, you might be glad of an easy meal with no preparation or mess, which is ready in 10 minutes!