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The Women Coxless Crew Row Across the Pacific Ocean

The women of the Coxless Crew are nearing the end of a trip rowing from San Francisco, California to Cairns, Australia. The route has only ever been completed by solo rowers or pairs, so the Coxless Crew are the first to attempt it as a four person team and as a continuous three stage row. They have been rowing all this time to raise money for Breast Cancer Care and Walking with the Wounded. We have been proud to supply all of their food on their journey, resupplying them in Hawaii and Samoa. We've also shipped them a few items to help them on their way, such as fur mats to sit on.The team name the 'Coxless Crew' came about as the driving force behind the project was a woman named Sarah Cox, but unfortunately she had to drop out, but they've carried on without her taking her name with them on their journey. The BeWell Group.