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5 camping food tips

Photo by Julian Bialowas on Unsplash 

When you’re camping or hiking you don’t want to be stressing about the food you need to bring, you want to enjoy your trip! Your surroundings and the company you have should be the focus and the thing you remember the most. Here are some tips to help make cooking on your trip as simple and easy as possible.

Keep it simple There’s no need to bring everything from your kitchen with you on your camping trip, just bring the basics, especially if you have limited space or will need to carry with you what you bring. There are a whole host of one pot meals you can make from a fry up breakfast with sausages, tomato and eggs to a delicious pasta dish, or even a dessert! Alternatively you can save space and time by bringing a hearty self heating meal and save the washing up.

Do some prep before you go If it’s going to be a short trip and you have a cool box, you could do some food prep before you go. It’s much easier to chop your vegetables on your kitchen counter than in a campsite outside your tent, especially with gloves on in the cold! You can save space by making up your own herb or spice mix and putting it in a small resealable container, or even a small sealable food bag.

Keep an eye on the weight Especially important for longer trips, if you are planning a roaming trip where you will be carrying your supplies with you, you need to be efficient about what you bring both size and weight wise. Even if you’re going by car and basing yourself in one location, this is still important. Unfortunately, boot space isn’t infinite. If you will need to carry it with you, consider ditching the bulky tins of soup for more filling packaged meals.

Get the right gear It may cost a little more, but a small, lightweight camping pot, or other kitchen equipment specifically designed for camping or hiking could save you both space and energy.

Make it easy Have you thought about taking some of our pre-packaged meals? We have several meal options and offer both self-heating and boil in the bag options. Take the hassle out of packing full meals with this easy option. Shop our range of self heating and ready to eat options on our website The BeWell Group.