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Winter survival in stuck cars

Photo by Vincent Foret on Unsplash

When heavy snow hits the UK, hundreds of people can become trapped for hours on snowy roads.  Follow our tips to help you make the best of these situations.

Consider giving your car a pre-winter check. Make sure everything is in good working order and get any repairs done that you have been putting off.

Keep an eye on the forecast. Prevention is better than cure as they say. If possible, avoid taking a trip when bad weather is forecast, or delay it until the outlook is better.

If you are going on a longer journey, make sure you have a full tank of petrol or diesel before setting off. You may use more fuel than expected in the different driving conditions, and may be less able to easily find somewhere to fill up.

Stock up on essentials in case you do get stuck somewhere in your car. People have had to endure days stuck in their cars in the snow, and while this hopefully won’t be the case for you, a ready to eat packaged meal, some emergency rations and bottles of water can be useful even if you are only stuck for a short time.

Think about keeping warm in a stopped car. Put a spare set of warm clothing in your car, including gloves to keep your fingers warm. Food will help keep your core temperature up, and a thick blanket will help keep the warmth in. We hope you will never be in a really dangerous situation trapped in the cold, but with some preparation we hope you can have some peace of mind if the worst case does occur. Preparation is never wasted though. Even if you only got stuck somewhere for an hour or so, a warm blanket and a snack are often appreciated!

Emergency rations