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Self Heat Packs

Be-Well Expedition Foods Hot Pack™ Self-Heating Meals offers a new concept to "instant" hot food and is the answer to having a hot meal, away from home or base, without needing any other heating or cooking equipment! With a heating time of only 10-12 minutes, Hot Pack™ is ideal for using in remote locations, or even to take to outdoor music festivals, sports meetings, motor rally's etc. Take a Hot Pack™ to work or the office or when working outdoors as a warm alternative to lunchtime sandwiches.

What is the shelf-life? Answer: 3 years from production (Best Before Date). Each Self-Heating Meal Pack contains a delicious and wholesome 300g cooked, ready to eat meal in a foil pouch, a water-proof sachet with 2 heat elements and a sachet with water. Hot Pack™ Meals come in fourteen nutritious breakfast, main meal and dessert recipes so you are sure to find a taste that satisfies your palate. Choose from Lancashire Hot Pot, Chicken Casserole,Sausages and Beans, Chicken Dopiaza Curry,Meatballs and Pasta in Tomato Sauce,Vegetable Curry,Spicy Vegetable Rigatoni, and All Day Breakfast. For detailed information on each recipe see Nutrition Information of each meal
  • No re-hydration needed - just heat and enjoy
  • Pack contains unique non magnesium heater, activated with water (included) to heat the meal
  • No freezing, store at room temperature
  • Long shelf life