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Karma Sherpa on His Way to Everest 2016

Karma Sherpa has just set off on his way to Everest Base Camp to start preparing for his latest trip to the top of Everest with his client. If successful, this will be his 6th time to the top! He is currently in the famous village of Namche Bazaar at 3440 metres, about 10 days on foot from the nearest road at Jiri, and a 2 to 3 day walk from the mountain airport of Lukla. It's a great place with a German Bakery, and many other places to eat, and the post box at the postal house is a paint tin nailed to a tree on the edge of the village. Heading higher past the famous monastery at Tenbouche and 3867 metres, before going to Dingbouche is a tiny house that makes the best chocolate cake in the world at 4412 metres (when they have ingredients, if they run out, it is a 5 day return trek to get more!). Everest base camp is at 5360 metres. Karma's team have been there a week getting the Base camp ready. Life at base camp is probably better than you think, with Satellite communications, WiFi, good food in the tents, at this stage weight is not an issue, as porters carry what ever is needed. When they start their trek however, having low weight compact food is a must, so they are taking with them many of BeWell's ready to eat and freeze dried meals. Giving them the lowest weight but full of the calories they need to keep their energy levels up to complete their journey. We will keep updating on their progress as we know more.