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Multi-Day Race Nutrition Made Easy

Multi-day races are physically and mentally demanding, so you need to be prepared with the proper nutrition to keep you going and help aid in recovery. We've helped runners with their nutrition who have competed in Fire and Ice Ultra, Marathon des Sables, Annapurna Ultra and similar multi-day events. We help take the guesswork out with our 24 hour packs, which include all the nutrition you need and some extras you might want. Bringing you the highest energy, lowest weight & most compact size possible, a sample pack includes 2 different kinds of high energy 800kcal food packs, a breakfast and a dinner, such as our chicken pasta and vegetables, a deluxe expedition brew pack, cliff bar and shot blocks, and an Extreme Ultra Fuel 4:1 Energy, Endurance, Electrolyte and Protein recovery. These packs total 2,400kcal, give or take depending on flavours.You can choose to pick your own variations and flavours from our online store, or choose one of our packs already put together for you. We have both vegetarian and meat options so there's something for everyone.Multi-day races