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Nutrition For Your Next Ultra

It's that time of year where you start to get really serious about your marathon training and also, begin to stock up on supplies. MDS (Marathon des Sables), the original and often touted 'toughest footrace' is in just a few months. It's important to be prepared, and we can help.  We've put together multi-stage food and nutrition packs that are perfect for those taking part in Ultra events like MDS, Fire & Ice Ultra or other multi-stage events. We've also worked with Mohammed Ahansal, 6 times Marathon des Sables winner, and winner of several other Ultras, to create both vegetarian and meaty nutrition packs. He knows what it takes to keep you fuelled and energised for these tough events. With the highest energy, lowest weight, and most compact sizes, our food is perfect to fill your pack with.While your stocking up on your nutrition, don't forget your blister prevention and treatment products too. The vast majority of competitors will suffer with blisters, and you don't want that to stop you finishing in the best time possible.